What is organic?

The Future

Collectively, as producers and consumers, our impact on the planet can actually turn from one of disregard and destruction to one of nourishment and nurture. By growing organically we become caretakers of the earth which naturally provides for our bodies' requirements. There are those who may argue that human interference is required to genetically modify plants and seeds or develop synthetic growth boosters, fertilisers and pesticides in order to increase output of the land and our animals. They would argue that there are too many mouths to feed and the organic method cannot cater for this growing problem. But how do we know this? We have already seen from the kind of assistance given to poorer sections of the world how short term aid for its own sake does not help in the longer term. It is clear now that helping people to help themselves is not only the most effective method for change but also the most dignified and respectful. This must be the same rule for the earth and its produce. The earth and it's millions of years of eco-systems and cycles has much abundance to offer naturally. By learning about them and acting in harmony with them we are able to assist it to produce just as much if not more than other forced synthetic methods.

The difference is that the latter offers short term solutions but severe long term ramifications that we cannot possibly presently calculate. By growing organically we pave the way for plants to do what they like doing best - and that is to grow and flourish in well managed systems which also protect and encourage wildlife and natural habitats. If the same expenditure went into researching organic methods as is currently spent on pesticide production and chemical alternatives then human interference with the earth may actually result in our species becoming catalysts for the planet to flourish. Organic is not a fad. It is an ancient knowledge re-discovered and with new scientific discoveries, it is at the start of its modern development and with our natural quest to learn and discover and evolve, organic methods could well become the best re-invention of the 21st century.

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